Monday, January 19, 2015

Other Artwork

Michael Jackson: Sketch

Ocean Waves: Acrylic Painting

Sue and Dennis: Acrylic Painting

Eye See You: Acrylic Painting

Lulu Shaking: Acrylic Painting

Jake and Molly: Acrylic Painting

The Sunset: Acrylic Painting
                                                              Abby: Acrylic Painting

Georgia- Final Project

My goals an intentions in this artwork was to make it look real and to make it look like the picture I was given. I felt like if it didn't look like the picture, then I didn't work hard enough on it or I didn't do a good job. I accomplished those things by figuring out the size of the dog, and by using oil paints. At first, I was going to use acrylic, but then I realized oil paints will make the picture look more realistic. My painting is about color shadows and reflected light. The most difficult challenge I had to face was figuring out the size of the dog. I was making him too big at first so you could not see the background. I met that challenge by size, view and placement. I studied the picture and realized how big the dog was, and how small the canvas was. I took a moment and blocked out the shape of the dog and went on from there. My painting really works in the woods and in the dog. They both have so much detail and work put into them. Some things that I have learned that I can bring into my next painting is paint mixing, size, view, and placement, and that the farther away something is the smaller you have to make it. My mentor in this project is Alex Katz. I had done another painting a little while ago and I was told it was like an Alex Katz painting. Alex Katz makes things look realistic, but she doesn't use much detail. Her artwork is flat. I realized that I didn't want all of my paintings to look flat, and that I wanted to show detail. She helped me realize what kind of painting I wanted this to be. Another mentor that I have admired since the beginning is Janet Fish. Janet is all about reflections, color and detail and that is what I love about her work. If I had a do-over in this I would have probably fixed the sky and trees a little better. What I feel is best about my work is that it looks like a dog is looking off into the woods and that is exactly what I wanted. I wanted this painting to look real.