Monday, October 13, 2014

Carving Out the Light

 My goals and intentions in this were to make it look like pumpkins and really get the shadowing and light. I accomplished that by figuring out where it needed more light and where it needed to be dark. This piece of artwork is about dramatic shadows. The most difficult thing that I had to do on this was getting the pumpkin in the top to look like it was behind the other pumpkins, rather than in between them or touching them. I met that challenge by making it more black around the edges and where it meets the pumpkin. My painting really works in the bottom, left pumpkin because the shadowing and the stem just add something extra to it. I have learned in this piece that adding a shadow effect can give a painting or sketch a much deeper meaning. I learned from Edward Hopper because he has some really dark paintings and he can really work out a lot of those shadows. If I had a do-over I would have probably picked a different position in which I could have done this. What I feel is best about my work is that I didn't give up on it and I figured things out how to get the shapes, shadows and light. 

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