Monday, October 6, 2014

Sweet Yet Sour

 My goals and intentions on this project were to make it look realistic, and to really work with the reflections. I accomplished these things by doing step by step processes and being patient with my artwork. My painting is about reflected light because the light was shining over it, and I was trying to paint all of the colors coming off of one another. The most difficult challenge for me was getting the shape and detail of the pot. I met that challenge by taking pictures and I closed in on the color of the inside. My painting really works in the shadows and reflections. I have learned more about mixing paint and getting the exact color and I think that can really work on all the paintings that you do. I learned how to do this from Janet Fish, and I learned that it is okay to use a lot of color. I also learned from Edward Hopper because he liked to use shadows and colors. It I had a do-over I would probably do a different view, or placement and I would make it more of an interesting, up close painting. I felt that I really got down how to do reflections, and how to make things look realistic.

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  1. Excellent artist statement, Caroline. I enjoyed watching your process as you tackled each step in your painting. As you can see , if the colors and composition are good the drawing itself does not have tobe "photographic". However, you could practice drawing ellipses if you want to draw anything like a cup or plate and make it look not flat. I really like the layers of color you explored and how you absorbed the techniques of Janet Fish. You are going to get better and better. Great first oil.