Sunday, October 26, 2014

Merge Into the Darkness

My goals and intentions in this artwork was to make it look like me and to make it look realistic. I accomplished them by following the picture and seeing what I needed to fix and do. This piece of artwork was about dramatic shadows and light coming in. The most difficult challenge that I had to face was getting the detail of my face and trying to figure out where everything went. I met that challenge by measuring it and figuring it all out. My artwork really works in my collar and my shirt because of the detail and shading. I have learned that you shouldn't lay it flat you should look at it from an angle. The mentor that helped me was Edward Hopper because he does a really nice job on shadows and he doesn't use color in all of his paintings. If I had a do-over I would have done a better job on placing my head a different way and I would have started by putting it at an angle so that I could look at it with a better view. I feel whats best about my artwork is how it looks like me and how I got the detail and shadows of my shirt. 

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